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To Future Home Builders

As I completed my house plans on my way to Alaska, I arrived back home to choose a builder to get me dried in. After interviewing three builders, I chose Scott Collins. I scrapped my plans for a house Scott was building on Sleepy Hollow Road - just what I wanted except I chose a basement over a crawl space. Almost one year to the day, Scott did everything he said he would do and more. I lived ont he site and followed each step of construction. Quality of construction and quality materials was the mainstay of all work. Scott offered me ideas on cathedral glass as well as showing me magazines and drawings of special features. I also earned money as a handyman at days; end. His subcontractors were courteous and worked off scaffolds while dangling from 12/12 pitch roof 40 feet in the air.

After drying the house in he continued on to do decking, siding, and the biggest job of installing an infiltrator pump septic system to the top of the mountain. This involved cracking through blue granite, clearing huge trees, and humongous trenches. He lost money on this phase, but completed it with his standard line "I'll make it right". He even finished final inspection without charging me.

I highly recommend Scott Collins as a builder for his hard work, his integrity, and quality of construction. Anyone can contact me or visit my home on top of a bluff over the Tye River. Neighbors compliment me on this secluded stick built home.



David H Pfeiffer,